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Diabetic Glomerulopathy
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Diabetic Glomerulopathy

(Journal Article): Structural and functional changes in diabetic glomerulopathy.
Schleicher E, Kolm V, Ceol M, Nerlich A
IN: Kidney Blood Press Res 1996; 19:305-315
Impact Factor(s) of Kidney Blood Press Res: 1.067 (2004), 0.968 (2002), 1.885 (2001)

ABSTRACT: Diabetic nephropathy is characterized by glomerular basement membrane thickening and mesangial expansion. Immunohistochemical studies of diabetic kidneys showed an increased collag... Click HERE for details


(Journal Article): Renal structure and function in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and type I membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis in humans.
Mauer SM, Lane P, Hattori M, Fioretto P, Steffes MW
IN: J Am Soc Nephrol 1992; 2:S181-S184
Impact Factor(s) of J Am Soc Nephrol: 6.644 (2004), 7.499 (2003), 6.337 (2001)

ABSTRACT: Renal pathological changes of diabetes include thickening of all renal extracellular basement membranes and the mesangial matrix and, to a lesser extent, mesangial cell expansion. ... Click HERE for details


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