Diabetic Complications

Sub-Areas to Diabetic Complications:

Cardiovascular (1)
Neural (27)
Renal (2)
Ophthalmic (1)
Osteoporosis (3)
Pancreatic (0)
T1DM (0)
T2DM (18)
Risk of Diabetes (4)
Mortality (1)

(Journal Article): Diagnosis and Localization of Insulinoma after Negative Laparotomy by Hyperinsulinemic, Hypoglycemic Clamp and Intra-Aterial Calcium Stimulation
Ritzel RA, Isermann B, Schilling T, Knaebel HP, B├╝chler MW, Nawroth PP
IN: Rev Diabetic Stud 2004; 1(1):42-46
Impact Factor(s) of Rev Diabetic Stud: 0.125 (2006)

ABSTRACT: A 40-year-old woman with recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia was referred because of suspected insulinoma. Prolonged fasting was discontinued after 24 h due to symptomatic hypoglyce... Click HERE for details


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