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DOD offers two ways to contribute:

Submit a Contribution to the DOD

You have following options to contribute to the DOD:

To submit a contribution or to start a new discussion you need to choose the subject area within the directory first. The underlying concept of the directory is that contributions can be made only within the subject areas. After you have chosen the area to which you like to submit a contribution you will find a pulldown menue that offers you placing your contribution. Alternatively, especially for discussions and the Jobmarket, you may use the "Discussions" or the "Biomedical Jobmarket" link on the left toolbar to select on the respective objects. Further selection on your field of interest allows you to read and take part in existing discussions or to submit new contributions


Become Editor of the DOD

If you are interested in editing and advising a DOD subject area and if you feel prepared to review a biomedical field the DOD administration likes to invite you to become an Editor of the DOD. You would be responsible to review contributions submitted to your subject field and to verify if the contributions can be published. You may also add current articles and information as to approaching events to the directory suitable to your subject field

After you have filled out the electronic form below, press the Preview button of this page to review your information for accuracy and appearance. The online process will generate a confirmation message to your given e-mail address automatically.

If you wish to become an editor for the subject area Diabetic Complications, click HERE to continue with the entry form.

Find the guidelines for DOD Editors here