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Announcing Grants and Funds

DOD facilitates public and private organizations wishing to announce a call for bids regarding grants and funds they offer. Submitted announcements will be added to the directory and can be found through keyword search by the DOD users.

In order to submit an announcement please look for the subject area within the directory that is most appropriate to the topic of your grant or fund. Below you may find the subject areas of the directory and their sub-areas where you can start. Please look for the lowest sub-area in the respective hierarchy. At the bottom of each page within the areas you may find a pull-down menu. Choose "Grants/Funds" in order to place your call for bids in the DOD.

Development and Function of Pancreas and Immunity (0)
Pancreas (0)   Immune System (0)   Genes (0)   Organs (0)   Stem Cells (0)  
Diabetes Pathogenesis (0)
T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   MODY (0)   Genetics (0)   Epidemiology (0)  
Reversal/Prevention of Diabetes (0)
T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   Gene Therapy (0)  
Regeneration of Islets (0)
Stem Cells (0)   Transplantation (0)   Neogenesis (0)   Beta-Cell Replication (0)  
Diabetic Complications (0)
Cardiovascular (0)   Neural (0)   Renal (0)   Ophthalmic (0)   Osteoporosis (0)   Pancreatic (0)   T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   Risk of Diabetes (0)   Mortality (0)  
Disease Management (0)
T2DM (0)   Metabolic Control (0)   Body Weight (0)   Compliance and Adherence (0)   Costs of Care (0)