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Welcome to the DOD Discussion Forums! The Forums are where we can work and learn together about latest findings and the use of recent technologies related to diabetes research. We established six Forums according to the main sections of the directory. If you miss a topic, don't hesitate to contact us. Each single issue is associated with a discussion forum, where you can pose questions, open discussions, share your experience or assist others.

You may either enter into an existing discussion or start a new one. Please select the subject area from the lower menue where you like to start a discussion.

Development and Function of Pancreas and Immunity (0)
Pancreas (0)   Immune System (0)   Genes (0)   Organs (0)   Stem Cells (0)  
Diabetes Pathogenesis (0)
T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   MODY (0)   Genetics (0)   Epidemiology (0)  
Reversal/Prevention of Diabetes (0)
T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   Gene Therapy (0)  
Regeneration of Islets (0)
Stem Cells (0)   Transplantation (0)   Neogenesis (0)   Beta-Cell Replication (0)  
Diabetic Complications (0)
Cardiovascular (0)   Neural (0)   Renal (0)   Ophthalmic (0)   Osteoporosis (0)   Pancreatic (0)   T1DM (0)   T2DM (0)   Risk of Diabetes (0)   Mortality (0)  
Disease Management (0)
T2DM (0)   Metabolic Control (0)   Body Weight (0)   Compliance and Adherence (0)   Costs of Care (0)