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Subunits of purified calcium channels.
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(Journal Article): Subunits of purified calcium channels.
De Jongh KS, Warner C, Catterall WA (Department of Pharmacology, University of Washington, Seattle 98195, USA)
IN: J Biol Chem 1990; 265(25):14738-14741
Impact Factor(s) of J Biol Chem: 6.355 (2004), 6.482 (2003), 7.258 (2001)

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ABSTRACT: Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of purified rabbit skeletal muscle L-type calcium channel before and after reduction of disulfide bonds confirmed that 27- and 24-kDa forms of the delta subunit are disulfide-linked to the 143-kDa alpha 2 subunit. The amino acid sequences of three peptides obtained by tryptic digestion of the delta subunits corresponded to amino acid sequences predicted from the 3' region of the mRNA encoding alpha 2. One of these peptides had the same sequence as the N terminus of the 24- and 27-kDa forms of the delta subunit and corresponded to residues 935-946 of the predicted alpha 2 primary sequence. Anti-peptide antibodies directed to regions on the N-terminal side of this site recognized the 143-kDa alpha 2 subunit in immunoblots of purified calcium channels under reducing conditions, whereas an antipeptide antibody directed toward a sequence on the C-terminal side of this site recognized 24- and 27-kDa forms of the delta subunit. A similar result was obtained after immunoblotting using purified transverse tubules or crude microsomal membrane preparations indicating that alpha 2 and delta occur as distinct disulfide-linked polypeptides in skeletal muscle membranes. Thus, the delta subunits are encoded by the same gene as the alpha 2 subunit and are integral components of the skeletal muscle calcium channel.

TYPE OF PUBLICATION: Original article

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