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Diabetic Embryopathy/Fetal Growth Pertubations
Diabetes OD > Diabetic Complications > Risk of Diabetes > Diabetic Embryopathy/Fetal Growth Pertubations

Diabetic Embryopathy/Fetal Growth Pertubations

Sub-Areas to Diabetic Embryopathy/Fetal Growth Pertubations:

Retardation (0)
Malformation (0)
Macrosomia (1)
Maternal Glucose Concentration (3)
Maternal Immunoreactivity (1)

(Journal Article): Insulin Sensitivity in Children Born Small for Gestational Age (SGA)
Geremia C, Cianfarani S
IN: Rev Diabetic Stud 2004; 1(2):58-65
Impact Factor(s) of Rev Diabetic Stud: 0.125 (2006)

ABSTRACT: In the past decade, several epidemiological studies have shown a relationship between intrauterine growth retardation and insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular dis... Click HERE for details


(Journal Article): Pathogenesis of cleft palate in mouse embryos exposed to 2,3,7, 8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD).
Takagi TN, Matsui KA, Yamashita K, Ohmori H, Yasuda M
IN: Teratog Carcinog Mutagen 2000; 20:73-86
Impact Factor(s) of Teratog Carcinog Mutagen: 0.651 (2004), 0.796 (2003), 0.841 (2001)

ABSTRACT: 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) induces cleft palate in mouse embryos. It has been believed that TCDD inhibits palatal fusion by suppression of disappearance of medial e... Click HERE for details


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